Will A Gazebo Kill My Lawn Grass?

Having a gazebo in your backyard can be an amazing addition to your garden. Not only does it look beautiful, but it’s also an amazing place to relax or have a party. One problem that may arise, however, is the fact that no sunlight or rainwater is getting to your grass underneath the gazebo. So, there are a few intriguing questions that may arise. Will a gazebo kill my grass?

Will A Gazebo Kill My Lawn

Will it ruin the lawn and make it impossible for me to grow anything there again and will I need to replace the grass with something else, like gravel or concrete?

No. It is not necessarily true that having a gazebo in your backyard will kill your grass. A gazebo will not necessarily harm your lawn by blocking out sunlight and rainwater from getting through, as long as you take care of the area underneath it.

How to protect my lawn grass from dying under the gazebo?

Let’s be clear. There is no way to keep your grass alive beneath a gazebo; sooner or later, it will die. It is not possible to grow any vegetation under a gazebo because of the shade unless you choose some specific grass types that are tolerant to partial sunlight.

The only choice you have when it comes to protecting your lawn grass from dying is choosing another type of surface underneath the gazebo, such as concrete or gravel. This will not create a problem for your grass, but it is easier said than done.

If you are dedicated to using the area underneath your gazebo as a place to place furniture, this might be an option worth considering. Otherwise, the grass will die over time because there is no light getting through under the roof of your gazebo.

Should I have grass under the Gazebo?

The first mistake that people make when they install their gazebo is placing it directly onto their grass. It might seem like an easy solution at the time but once this decision has been made there’s no going back!

You see, anytime you place any type of covering over your lawn – whether it be a gazebo or even just a tent – you will be preventing sunlight from reaching the grass.

You also won’t be allowing rain or sprinkler water to reach the greenery, which is going to have a very negative effect on its health.

Basically, your gazebo kills the grass beneath it! Surprisingly, this doesn’t mean that you should remove your gazebo.

There are many options worth considering that can be used as a gazebo flooring. You can use concrete for this purpose.

You can use gravel or pebbles as gazebo flooring.

Some people choose to place gravel around their gazebos so that they can place chairs and tables on top of it without worrying about damaging the grass underneath with anything sharp or heavy.

This works well if you don’t want anything obstructing your view of the greenery (and maybe you even like having a natural carpet instead of something more artificial).

Shade grass is an excellent choice for the grass surrounding the gazebo

If the grass surrounding the gazebo is dappled with shade or receives only partial sunshine for a few hours each day, there are several types of grass that prefer partial sunlight, such as Manila, Bent Grass, and St. Augustine.

This is the best type of grass to keep your gazebo from damaging your lawn.

One of the most important things you can do when caring for your shade grass is making sure that you are giving it proper water.  

In other words, make sure it gets enough water without getting too much! This means you should avoid watering it as often as other types of grass because this will help prevent root rot and other problems from occurring.

This type of grass also needs less fertilizer than other types – approximately 75% less if any at all.

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